Sausage Making 101


This is only our second attempt at homemade sausage. The whole
process is fairly easy and also fairly cheap for some great fresh

We start out with boneless pork butt. Cut these up into roughly
1 inch cubes, to allow the spice to coat better and also grind easier.


Being new to sausage making we used a pre mixed spice blend.


Here we have the cubed meat spiced and bagged for the
overnight ride in the refridgerater

Our kitchen aid mixer with the grinder attachment installed and the first grind.

From the research I did prior to trying sausage making it seemed that
everyone doing this used a double grind. You can see the difference it makes
in the texture of the meat. First grind with the big plate, second with the smaller

The casings need to soak in warm water for about an hour. These are natural
casings which many don`t care for, hey, it is what it is. In this particular batch
we also tried using some "collagen" casings which we did not like at all. Our
vertical stuffer is pictured here.

When loading the meat into the stuffer you want to have as little air
as possible in the stuffer.

Here is the finale.