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We start out wiith boneless boston butt, trimmed to
roughly 1" cubes, 28 pounds was used for this batch. We
add the sausage seasoning, in this case it is our first time
using Hi Mountain Italian seasoning. Blend it all together
and let it rest in the fridge soaking up all of the seasoning,
we went 48 hours in the fridge.


We moved up in the world from the Kitchen Aid grinder
attachment to this 1hp Cabelas commercial grinder....
What a difference...This thing ground all 28 punds of
pork in 9 minutes. The grinder head may look a little
funny, thats because it is frozen, I like to get it very cold
before starting -10° F.


Here's a view of the grind texture we did a single grind using
the smaller plate.


On to our 5# vertical stuffer, I love using this thing, stuffing
the casings is very easy with this.


One of the tricks we have learned in our different attempts
is to spray the casing tube with a little oil before sliding the
casing on the tube, we used olive oil I'm sure anything would
be fine. It allows the casing to almost flow of the tube with the
meat filling it as it goes. Putting the casing on, and getting the
excess air out of the stuffer tube.


Partial filling of the first run, and the fully filled casing. I like to
kind of roll em on the table and it evens out any thin spots
you may have, which after a little experience are almost non


Rolls or links, doesn't make much difference to me. Rolls
are nice to have when you are cooking for a crowd and
you can just slice it up to toothpick size and enjoy.


Man...thats a lot of sausage.. We did sample a large pattie
in the frying pan before beginning. I am pleased with this
seasoning blend, I did tweak it a bit as we wanted "sweet"
Italian...I added a couple of tablespoons of sugar and where
the directions called for water I cut the water 50/50 with
apple juice...All in all we will definately use this mix again.