Small Egg Transporter


First let me say that this NOT my design. It was posted
on the forum
last year By Ed Krach " Grillmeister" ,
I am merely sharing the idea.

The one pictured is made up of 2 pieces of 3/4" plywood, cut to 20" X
20" with a 15 1/2" hole cut in one piece, 15 1/4" will give you a tighter
fit and I actually trimmed mine out to 15 1/2" to give me more of a gap.
The 2 X 4`s are cut to 10"long.
When I attached the 2 X 4`s I used long screws and liquid nails
just to be safe.
The only thing that may not be totally obvious is that the 2X 4`s
are turned opposite of each other from one corner to the next.
This can be seen in the picture, it adds some rigidity.


Pictured above, is one of the ways you can use the transporter
when you arrive at your destination. Merely slip the feet under
the base, and as you can see in one of the pictures, there is
still enough of a gap around the egg as to not burn the wood.

The way I prefer to use the transporter is pictured below. This
raises the egg up to a much more usable height if you have it set
on the ground. You also have a little room around the base to
set tools or spices or whatnot.