Indirect setup for the small egg


This is yet another way to achieve an indirect
cook on a small egg. I first make sure the
firebox is full of lump, all the way to the top of
the firebox. Then place the original cooking
grid back in place as normal.

In the next photo you will see a ceramic dish
which I purchased from BGE, sold as a 8" baking
dish. It fits perfectly in the small egg for an indirect
cook. A disposable pie pan fits in it perfectly, but is
probably not absolutely necessary, I just didn`t want
the drippings soaking into the dish.


I then placed 3 split firebricks, which I broke roughly
in half, to act as legs similar to the plate setter. These
went just outside the baking dish and set directly on
the main grid.


Then using a BGE replacement grid for the small egg,
I just place it on top of my firebrick legs. I got lucky
when I broke the bricks and they came out fairly even.