BGE Chiminea

In these first 2 pictures I am showing the
door/cover spark arrestor, notice the
"Lawn Ranger" handle...The Beast

The 2 pictures below show the rain cap on and off
which does not shut this thing down, it literally
just keeps the rain out when not in use.

These 2 pictures show the opening with the
spark arrestor removed, and a tape measure
showing the size of the opening. You obviously
don`t use fireplace sized logs, something a little
shorter works fine.

Lastly I am showing the top half of the chiminea
removed and the spark arrestor that goes in between.
The grid you see in the other 2 pictures is the cooking
grid off the mini egg. I have personally never cooked
on it but have heard of others that have.


I am very pleased with the performance of this thing.
It takes a little time to start throwing out the heat, but
once it does it has been sufficient for our situations. I have
had a turbo flame shooting a foot out of the top, and I`m
telling you the heat it radiates is great.