Custom cast iron cooking grid

It has been brought to my attention on 8/2010
that Home Depot no longer lists this item as available.
Char Broil still lists it as a product, so I'm not sure
where it may be available.

I picked up these replacement cast iron grids
at Home Depot, you should be able to see in
picture that the SKU # is 625-636 for $27.88

This next picture shows where we are going with
this plan. The package comes with 2 different grids.
Perfect in our case, a cast iron grid for the small egg
AND one for the mini egg.

Simply trace around your existing porcelain grid.

Using a simple side grinder with a cut off wheel we
just cut out the lines we traced onto the new grid. It
took roughly 10 minutes to cut each grid and it does
make a mess.

And here is the finished grid for the mini.

Here they are in place in the mini and in the small. I
wished I would have made the mini a little bigger around.