Tank Details


The tank itself is a custom 70 gallon acrylic reef ready tank. It was made
by Acrylic Creations in Arizona. 36" x 18" x 24" high. With a furniture
grade custom oak stand and canopy.
Total system capacity is in the range of 120 gallons, due to a 30 gallon
refugium and a 15 gallon sump.

An Eheim 1250 pumping 317 GPH through the fuge
An Iwaki WMD30RLT at 570 GPH return from the sump
An Iwaki WMD30RLXT at 1080 GPH closed loop through a Squirt
A Mag-5 at 500 GPH through the chiller

SEIO M1100 circulating
Mag-3 for water making

Coralife 220 needle wheel skimmer
Coralife CA+ reactor 250 gal.
Deluxe dual gage C02 regulator w/ bubble counter
Milwaukee SMS122 ph controller
Aquazone plus 100mg/hr ozone generator/controller
w/dual air dryers
Oceans motion "Squirt" for closed loop
Digitai Aquatics Reefkeeper
Aqualifter auto top off
Magnavore 4-ER cleaning magnet
Carbon filter bags in sump and fuge
10-12 filter socks for tank return

Pinpoint salinity monitor
Pinpoint Ph monitor

Arctica 1/10 hp chiller
Won brothers Pro heat II titanium 150 watt heater

5 LED moonlight
1- 36 watt 10K Daylight
2- 75 watt VHO URI Super actinic R
2- 250 watt  PFO Metal Halide 14K Hailton HQI

2- 250 watt ARO MH ballasts

150# Arag Alive substrate

Roughly 180# of live rock