Tilapia Feast


We decided to try some tilapia, with all
the great ideas posted lately we figured
we would do something a little different.
We took 7 tilapia filets and prepped every
one of them differently. 1 with Mrs. Dogs
Jamaican jerk, 1 with Dizzy Pig Tsunami
spin, 1 with a blend of orange marmalade
and honey mustard, 1 with cayenne pepper,
1 with KC Masterpiece garlic and herb marinade,
1 with Dizzy Pig Raging river, and 1 with lemon
juice coated with parmesiano regiano, italian bread
crumbs and fresh pepper.

Just in case that wasn`t enough, or I just plain
didn`t like the fish, we threw in a (LOL) little
beef. This ribeye was huge.

Dusted with garlic salt, onion powder some fresh
pepper and a little Dizzy Pig Cow lick.

The tilapia filets went on at a dome temp of 375
for 3 minutes per side.

Here is the served meal, I cant say which of the fish was
best, Sally liked them all with the cayenne being the least
liked, but all still great she said......
I hope your hungry.....