Pork Tenderloin surprise


I called this "Surprise" due to the many different
flavors that were added to it, figuring the taste buds
would be in for a real surprise. I started out with an
every day pork tenderloin, which then got a good
dose of "Dizzy Pig" Red eye express.


Next up was an injection of KC masterpiece herb
and garlic marinade, about 6 or 8 places. Then came
the pure Vermont maple syrup injection, not the stuff
on the label. This I put in pretty heavy, at least a
dozen places. Then into the fridge for 3 or 4 hours.

With the egg at a stabile 325 I put it on, turning at
about 10 minute intervals. No wood for smoke as
I figured there was already enough flavors.

After 20 to 25 minutes I was at an internal of 120
now was when it was time for the final ingredient,
hindsight it could have been done sooner, a good
coating of "Bone smokers sauce" the HOT version.

I let this go, turning and saucing till I reached an
internal of 143. I let it rest for a good 15 minutes
or so. The end result was a VERY juicy and tender
meat, and I honestly couldn`t pick any one flavor
that overpowered the others. It did have a sweet
sort of taste which was very good. Just trying
something a little different, and was pleased with
the end result.