Stuffed Green Peppers


This is my variation of stuffed peppers. The
stuffing/filling could have just as easily been
done on the egg with the right pan or wok. I
chose to do it on the stove top for simplicity
reasons, and the fact that my kitchen is air
conditioned....been HOT here lately.
Here we start with some italian sausage links,
casing removed, and a little more than a pound
of ground beef.

Here we are browning the meat with onion, garlic,
and other spices

After the meat has browned, drained and returned
to the pan, I add diced tomato and about half of the
parmesano reggiano

3 cans of tomato sauce and half of the rice is added,
with the second half shortly after

The completed filling/stuffing

Fill the peppers half way or a little more, then add a layer of
parmesano reggiano. Finish filling almost completely, then top
with a generous layer of mozzerella, and a final coating of
parmesano reggiano.


With the egg stabilized between 300 - 350 place the peppers
on a raised grid. I added a small chunk of apple wood for smoke.

After 1 hour or so, here they are ready to come off.

Plated with some fresh garlic cheese toast, again parmesano reggiano