Strip steaks on the mini


These were done roughly using the T Rex method.
Being done on the mini not all his guidelines
ended up the same, but his principal just the
same. I began by letting the steaks rest on the
counter while the mini came up to temp.

They sat there bare for about 15 minutes before
I gave them a good dose of Dizzy Pig Cowlick,
followed by some kosher salt, and fresh cracked
pepper. Plain and simple. The mini reached my
desired sear temp. of 600. Quite the bed of coals.


The strips went on for right around 4 minutes
per side for the sear. As you can see these were
some good sized steaks given two of them
filled the mini.

After the sear they sat and waited for the dome
temp to drop, it took about 20 minutes to get
down to 400. You can see from the picture
that I turned the steaks 1/4 turn during the
sear to get even grill marks.

Got a nice shot of the smoke rising that I
figured I would throw in here.

With the steaks back on at 400 they went for
about 4 to 5 minutes per side and were pulled
at an internal of 125, this was Sally`s as I prefer
mine a little less pink. A side of squash and all
were happy. Here is the resting meal.


Here it is ready to eat......