Salmon w/ Bourbon Dijon glaze



We started off with around a 3# salmon filet,
here we have the filet coated with Raging River
from Dizzy Pig .


With the egg stabile at 350 dome temp, I added
3 chunks of apple wood. The setup was direct, with
a raised grid. This our first cook using the cedar planks.
Sally, who is the fish eater in our house, said the cedar
was a little overpowering in the end. The glaze I use is
a simple blend of 3 Tblsp of bourbon, 3 Tblsp of brown
sugar, and 4 Tblsp of Dijon mustard.


After 1 hour I decided to check on things, my intent was to
cook for 1 1/2 hours. After checking things out the dome
temp shot up to 400 and didn`t want to come back down.
I decided at 1 hour 15 minutes to pull it off rather than risk
burning it. I thought it was one of my best yet salmon cooks,
Sally seemed to think the cedar was a bit strong. The planks were
soaked in water for roughly 1 hour then rubbed on the fish side
with olive oil just before the salmon went on. Here is the end result.