Prime Rib / Rib roast


This was done on my small egg which posed some unique situations for me.
On the advice of the majority of the forum members. I opted to do this
indirect, which I have never done on the small egg.
I let the meat sit on the counter for approx 1 1/2 hours
to warm prior to searing. Coated liberally with kosher
salt and cracked pepper. This is a 6 1/2 pound, 3 bone rib roast.



Here is the setup I used after the initial sear. Some nice bars bent
to hold a pie pan beneath the cooking grid. Then some small pieces
of split firebrick stacked two high on the main grid and then another
grid placed on top of them. Indirect and raised grid, but pushing the limits.


I started out with a direct cook sear between 500 and 600 for approx.
5 minutes top, 5 minutes bottom. I removed the meat and began to let
the dome temp drop to 325, this took about 20 minutes. I then placed
the meat on with the polder doing everything it could to stay inside.


I may decide next time to only elevate the cooking grid with one thickness
of split firebrick instead of two.
While the dome temp was stable at 325, when I placed the meat and the
indirect setup on, the dome temp fell to 275 and remained there for the
majority of the cook. I associated this with the fact that the meat was
so close to the tip of the thermometer, and I was not overly concerned about it.
When the meat went on the internal was at 46 and it took 2 hours and
10 minutes to reach an internal of 130, which is when I removed it.
So we are at a total of around 2 hours 40 minutes.



I let it rest for a good 15 minutes before slicing, and here you can
see it ready to serve. Fresh crusty French loaf and baked potato round
out a feast fit for a king.