Honkin Porterhouse on the small


I just couldn`t bring myself to leave these on the store shelf.

Those with a thermapen will get some idea of the size of these.
The 2 steaks weighed in at a whopping 3.75#, and as the one
picture shows, a solid 2" thick. Filling our dinner plates.

I let these sit on the counter for the better part of an hour
to come up to room temperature. They were rubbed with
garlic salt and Dizzy Pig Cowlilck

While we wait for the steaks to warm some I fill the SMALL egg
to the top of the firebox with lump, and light in 3 places with starter
cubes. You can see I was shooting for a dome temp around 500, you
can also what the burning lump looks like at those temps.

I decided for timing issues out of my control to cook these
one at a time. Here you see the first flip at 90 seconds, and the
second flip at 90 seconds. After 4 flips at 90 seconds per side I
closed the lower vent to roughly 1/4 inch and continued to flip
every 90 seconds until I got an internal temp of roughly 135.

Around 8 minutes resting and we see a wonderful medium steak,
the filet side was a little more done, but still absolutely tender
and juicy.

This was served with a wonderful side of ice cold Budweiser.

And the second steak was pulled at an internal of 125. A more
rare to medium rare.