Pulled Pork


Here we start out with 3 picnic shoulders. I
prefer to use a boston butt, but the store we
shop only had these. You can see how I cut
a cross cut pattern in the excess skin and fat.
This allows the rub to penetrate the meat a
little better.


Next step is a good coating of your rub of choice,
I use a modified version of "JJ`s" rub. Coat it
fairly heavily then wrap in plastic wrap or a
foodsaver bag for a 24 hour ride in the fridge.


The next day we begin the setup of the large egg.
Fill the lump all the way to the top of the firebox.
I use an inverted plate setter with a drip pan on it.
Followed by a main grid with some firebrick pieces
on top of it and a second main grid to allow for
better air circulation around the meat.


Here you see the Guru setup for an internal temp
of 195 and a pit temp of 235. A shot of the meat
going on the Egg, I tried to arrange it so the skin sides
would be touching each other to get as much useful
bark as possible. And the shot of them coming off, I did
bump the internal temp up to 200. Total cook time
came in at 15 1/2 hours for what began as 20# of meat.


And finally...the finished product....