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These particular pizzas were made using a
crust from a package where you just add
water. No where near as good as fresh dough
but not bad for what it is. I start with the dough
ball and knead just a little, then start forming
your crust, I prefer to kinda stretch and shape
the crust. I can not throw them yet. Just work
towards your desired shape and thickness.


Now its time to work with the peel, you will notice
that it is dusted with cornmeal to keep the crust
from sticking to the peel. A word of advise...
during the building process you want to give
the thing a little shake every now and then to
insure it is not sticking.


Now we start to build, I start out with a fair amount
of sauce, then add a layer of parmesiano regianno,
followed by a layer of FRESH mozzarella. If you have
never had fresh mozzarella still in a ball you owe it to
yourself to try it, it makes all the difference in the


This pizza is a mushroom and bacon model, I put the
mushrooms on now followed by another dusting of
parmesiano regianno. It goes into a stabilized 550
egg, with a platesetter and pizza stone. You will notice
in the picture that I was trying an experiment with the
pizza stone on top of a couple split firebricks rather than
directly on the platesetter. The pre cooked bacon will get
the last 3 to 5 minutes of the cook.


Alright, lets enjoy the fruits of our labor. You can see the
second pizza (mine) pepperoni and bacon which was
prepared the same way but cooked a little longer the way
I like them. These cooked for roughly 12 minutes.