Pit Beef


Many may not have even heard of "Pit Beef"
before. I have been told it`s an East thing. I`m
here to tell you, it`s some good eats. We start out
with about a 4 pound sirloin tip roast. One of
my best friends Page, PG from the forum, uses
top round, and it`s his flavor I am trying to achieve.
I tried to follow PG`s recommendation of " throw
the spice cabinet on it" I used 2 teaspoons of all 4
"Char crust" rubs and some garlic salt and onion
powder. Sealed in a foodsaver bag for 48 hours.

On to the egg with a dome of around 375 to 400.
I added 3 good sized chunks of hickory for smoke.
Turning every 15 minutes or so.

It pulled at an internal of 128 which took a total
of 2 hours. It may look burnt, but that is the char I
was looking to achieve here, actually it could have
been charred even more for my tastes.

The best way to deal with this is to use an electric
slicer, you want it THIN, more along the lines of
"shaved". The picture doesn`t show it as well as
it really turned out. We had well on the outside and
rare in the center, just what you want.

Here are the sandwiches, I like mine more done with
barbecue sauce, and Sally likes more the traditional way,
rare with onions and horseradish.

Here`s what was left after we had our fill, plenty of