Beef Jerky


I am trying a totally new, to me that is, way of
cooking this batch of beef jerky. I have only
attempted jerky one time before on the egg, it
was a total failure. I do jerky in a dehydrator
on a regular basis, and have gotten it down pretty
well, after a couple of years. So I have been hesitant
to do it on the egg. Pictured below is the meat after
sitting in the fridge for 24 hours in a commercial
spice and cure, just one of the many things in this
cook that I have never done before, using this cure/spice.

Another first is, using this rack. Scott Thieman "Eggor"
from the forum, posted detailed instructions to build it, so
I did. You can download a .pdf file to build the rack
yourself, here.
The skewers soaked in water for about 30 minutes.


I lit he large egg in one small spot in the rear of the
lump, and placed on good sized chunk of apple right
on top of the burning coals.

As the egg was getting happy, I began to skewer and
hang the meat on the rack. This was roughly 3 1/2# of
meat, plenty of room for more. As you can see in the pics
my skewers weren`t long enough, so I just doubled them up.


With the rack all loaded and ready, on to the egg we go.

The temps hung pretty well in the 150 to 200 range.

Here is the finished product, some pieces were taken off as
early as 3 hours and the longest were at 4 hours, the highest
temp I got was 250 from leaving the dome open to long while
checking the doneness. All said and done, I would consider
the cook a success, the texture was great. That said, Sally and
I both agreed we did not like the flavor of the "spice/cure" we
used. This will be done again with my personal marinade mixture.
I did rotate the skewers around during the cook a couple of
times to get a more even drying.