Christmas Ham 2006



We start out this cook with an indirect setup.
Plate setter legs up and a drip pan filled with
apple juice, it called for orange juice but we were
running low. Thanks to "YB" for the tips on this.

Here we have the 20# ham ready for the injection
of pancake syrup. That is a large injector, and I used
3 full shots of it, and it leaves only a hint of syrup
taste, not overpowering at all.


Next we cut slices in the outside of the ham, some
1/4" to 1/2" deep all around the ham lengthwise. Then
we pack those slices with a mixture of 5 cups pecans and
2 cups brown sugar ground very fine. You wont use it all
but save the rest for a future step.


Now onto a 350 dome temp, stabilized egg. I added 1 chunk
of apple wood for smoke.

Here we are right around the 4 hour mark, internal
temp was in the 125 to 130 range, so we begin to
add the glaze. Remember that leftover nut mixture...
mix it with orange juice to form a paste and coat the
ham. You dont want to do this to early as it may burn.


The glaze was on for another hour, making a total
cook time of 5 hours, with an internal temp right
around 140. Here it is packed for the ride. I carved
it some 2 hours later and it was still to hot to handle.
Everyone gave it rave reviews, we will do this one again.