Simple Flank Steak


Our flank steak spent 4 or 5 hours soaking up
some Dales steak seasoning, while liberally
coated with Dizzy Pig raising the steaks rub.

On the small egg with a good fire rolling along
at 500 to 550


I hit this with another coating of Raising the steaks
prior to placing on the egg. 2 mins. then rotate 90, 2
more minutes and flip. Then repeat for second side.


After a 4 or 5 minute rest we slice it thin on the bias, and against
the grain. This is such a wonderful cut of beef to work with
as it soaks up flavors very well, cooks very fast and yields
a wonderful quick and easy meal. Here we are with a side
salad and all was ready and served in under 20 minutes time.