Filets on the mini egg


Some times the simple things are the greatest.

While the mini Big Green Egg was coming up to
temperature, and the 2 filets covered in minced
onion were coming up closer to room temperature.

I finished up the prep for the side dish,
twice baked potatoes. I put them in the
oven to warm while everything else transpired.

 I gave the filets a good dusting of garlic salt and
a better dusting of "Dizzy Pig Cow Lick rub". Now
with the mini humming along at 450 the filets go
on. After 6 minutes on the first side they get the flip.
6 more on the other side and off they come. The
larger of the two, which is pictured, read just under
120 internal with the thermapen. Here it is plated with the
potato and some crusty French bread. Simple but fantastic.


Here you see the finished product, a nice rare/medium rare
filet just the way Sally likes em.