Eggfest 2005 N.Y. Strips


Many people raved about the flavor of the steaks
I cooked at Eggfest 05, so I figured I would add them
here. These are a little less than 1 1/2" which I normally
try to achieve.

Here you see my arsenal of spices. I start with a "light"
coating of "Dales" seasoning, the stuff is STRONG, go easy.
Followed by a light dusting of unseasoned meat tenderizer,
next a light dusting of garlic salt, then a good dose of
Dizzy Pig Cowlick. This all gets hit with the "Jaccard" my
point in using the Jaccard  is more to force the seasonings
into the steak more than tenderizing.


I let the steaks come up to room temp, a little before
adding the seasonings and a little after. These sat for
roughly an hour before grilling.


I only cook steaks on my small egg, once you have you
will never cook them on a large egg again. I like to be at
550 or higher with a good bed of burning coals.


I go for 90 seconds and then rotate 90 degrees to get good
grill marks. Another 90 seconds and flip them.


Repeat for the second side and you are done cooking, doesn`t
get much easier than that. After a 5 or so minute rest they are
ready to eat.


Plated and ready to chow.