Smoked Fatty`s


Jwirlwind on the egg forum posted this a while back,
so we figured we would give it a try. It came out great
so this was our second attempt, and we tried some
changes. Originally he stated to use a regular sausage
log / roll from the store or homemade sausage. On this
attempt we took italian sausage links and rolled them up
to achieve the same size.

Here are the untouched links

And here they have the casing removed

This one is a sweet italian rolled in Dizzy Pig
Red Eye rub

This one is hot italian rubbed in Dizzy Pig
Jamaican Firewalk, it had some kick

On the pan and ready to go

On to the egg with a raised grid set up

I cooked at a dome temp of around 250 and
reached an internal of 170 in just under 3 hours.
I added apple wood for the smoke.

Leave them sit for an hour before slicing, and
here is the finished product.