Un-Fried Chicken


This technique was shared with me by
"WooDoggies" on the forum. I`m not one of
the bigger chicken eaters, however, I can eat
fried chicken anytime. When he shared some of
these with me at Waldorf Eggfest, we have been
making them ever since.

Here we have the thawed and rinsed chicken parts.

Next we rub on a little olive oil and get them rubbed
down with a healthy dose of Raging River rub.

On the egg on a raised grid at around 250 dome temp.
You will want to turn them about every 30 minutes also
watching for hot spots and moving them around if needed.

After roughly 2 hours these are done to my liking. You
can always go a little longer if desired.

And finally, on the platter to be served. Doesn`t get much
easier than that.