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These started out with extra lean ground beef,
add some fresh diced onion, a little garlic salt,
and fresh cracked pepper. You want to mix it
together gently, not overworking the mixture.

I try to form my patties without any more handling
than necessary. You can notice how the center is
pressed thinner than the edge, this will yield a more
flat burger after shrinkage. With extra lean you don`t
need to be as drastic as these are, there is less shrinkage.


I set up the egg with the grid in its normal position,
a full load of lump, and for old times sake I used a
firestarter rather than the mapp torch.

Once at desired temp, in this case we are going for
around 325 to 350, we load up the egg. I went for
roughly 15 minutes before flipping.

After the flip I went for about 10 minutes and started to
arrange the burgers based on browning. I added cheese
with about 3 minutes left to go. Here is the finished product.