Beef Brisket



We started out with a 4.5# brisket from Costco.
I made up an injection by digging through the
spice cabinet. This ended up being some Dale`s
steak seasoning blended with Dizzy Pig Cowlick
rub and mixed with apple juice and water. We coated
the outside with a heavy layer of DP Raising the steaks
rub. This went into the fridge for the night in a foodsaver
bag. The following morning we hit again with more
Raising the steaks and finished with a coating of
Dizzy Pig Red Eye rub.

The setup was a drip pan with apple juice on the
plate setter, followed by a raised grid.


I chose to use my BBQ Guru for this cook.


With everything ready to go we got the meat
on the grill at 8:30 am


The guru told us we were at an internal temp
of 195 at 4 pm, total cook time of 7.5 hours


The finished product was absolutely fabulous. The
meat was very moist, extremely tender, and the flavor
was delicious. A definite keeper. This was the first time
I had ever chopped brisket for sandwiches and they were