AZRP`s Grilled Spicy Shrimp


This was my attempt at Randy's shrimp recipe, which
can be found..... Here .... I followed it basically to
the letter, but having more that 1 pound of
shrimp I figured I would double all of the ingredients.
After speaking to Randy, he told me to only do 1 1/2
times the recommended salt, as it can be salty.....he was
oh so right.

Here we have all of the ingredients.

This would be the garlic and salt paste, a bit of a job.

All ingredients combined.

The shrimp shelled and butterflied, by far the most
work of this whole cook.

In the bag with the spice mixture.

And onto the egg. I used my small egg at
around 400° dome with a cast iron grid. They
went for roughly 2-3 minutes on the first side and
probably only a minute or 2 on the second side.

A couple of shots of the finished product. These had a great
and different flavor, but the salt was to strong. If I were to do
this "exact" cook again I would cut the salt down even further.
The shrimp were still very good just a bit to salty, we will do
these again.