ABT`s aka Atomic Buffalo Turds


We start out with fresh jalapenos, you remove
the stem and cut them in half long wise. The seeds
and membranes are removed, a spoon seems to work
really well for this task. WEAR GLOVES.

I like to stuff mine with pulled pork, which I first
chop finely, it helps it pack better in the peppers.
I pack them to the top edge of the pepper.


This gets followed by a generous coating of cream
cheese. I like to mound the cheese almost as high as
the original pepper was thick. Once loaded with cheese
I like to sprinkle with Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk, it
adds just a little kick to them.


Then the final prep, the wrap in bacon. I use a whole
slice of bacon to insure the entire pepper is wrapped.
Others will use toothpicks to hold the bacon in place,
I typically don`t although these could have used it.

Now we go onto the egg, this batch is being done on
the small egg, indirect, ( which you can see a couple variations
of on my " Tips " page ) over a drip pan, at a dome of
around 350. I like to start them upside down for the first
30 minutes and flip them for the final 30 minutes or so,
cooking until the bacon is done to your liking, roughly 1 hour.

Most would expect these to be spicy due to the jalapenos,
those that I have shared them with say they are not spicy at all.
This is because of removing the seeds and membranes. I would
suggest you make more than you think you need as they are
going to get eaten faster than you can imagine. Here is my
finished batch that should have cooked another 10 minutes or so.