Pulled Pork on the XL


This is intended more to showcase the wonderful
rack and ring made by "Sandbagger" on the forum.
These additions allow for a very easy and roomy
indirect setup on the XL. The pulled pork itself
is not cooked any differently than I would do
on a large egg. This first picture shows the wire
rack which hangs down into the firebox.

Next you see a pizza stone for the large egg placed
on the rack. Either go indirect like this or add a drip pan.

Here I have added the ring which will raise the
cooking grid a little further up into the dome. This
will give you the extra room to clear a drip pan.

This is a full sheet pan, this egg is huge.

And the cooking grid installed over the sheet pan.

Since that time I have bought a more permanent drip pan,
this is actually called a seafood tray and is made of aluminum.
I lined it with foil as it was the first use and cleanup didn`t look
like much fun.

Ready for the pork

That is over 30# of Boston butt. I could have easily gotten
2 maybe even 4 more butts in there.


All done.