Texas Eggfest page 2



Leroy and Judy
starting class

The Chickens podium
for class

Class continues

More breakfast

Chubby`s Eggs

Up close

Plenty of stuff to
to give away

The Spring Chickens
cooked breakfast

And more breakfast

Did I say they
cooked breakfast

The Chubby FLEX

The Popsicles

Mr and Mrs Popsicle

Chubby`s eggs cooking

I told her it was this
big, a serious conversation

Chubby`s egg dash

Up closer

Mr and Mrs LawnRanger


Check out the chicken
Lawnranger gets fancy

Chubby splainin

Smokin Todd

ST trimmin ribs

ST splainin ribs

Molly and Eli Shark

Mr. Sandbagger

Sandbagger does
Egging 101


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