Florida Eggfest 2007


Welcome to the
Florida Eggfest

The goodies bags

"QBH" Larry, our
gracious host

A happy birthday
present for Jim

One of the many
park rangers

Chubby and his chick
on a mission

Missy`s custom made

Some of the many
door prizes

Who said we didn`t have
the Kool aid

Qbabe and WessB

The center pavillion

The right pavillion

Registration desk


A few band members
warming up

The left pavillion

JM3`s daughter, "SSN686"
Jay, ????, "Bluesmoke" Ken


Ken Stone

Luke & Missy`
breakfast casserole


"Lazydog" Luke and
"2Bossy" Missy with a side of Chubbys chick Ann

"Mollyshark" and fans

The band

Joan and John "Egret" Hall

Chubby and Ann, BBQ
Gypsy, Celtic Wolf in


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