Eggtoberfest 05


Betsy ????

Jim Nufer and Ed Fisher
of BGE and the camearman

Booby Q`s flank steak
directly on the coals

BobbyQ himself

Bobby Q serving it up

"Blue Smoke" Ken Stone
and others

"Wise One" Bill Wise
who should be commended
for all his hard work

Chef and the Fatman
doing some prep

The BGE chicken

SallyB`s daughter

Christy and WessB

"YB" Larry Ward`s
beautiful crown roast

The crowd in the shade

More of the crowd

Jim Nufer, Dale Kelley of
Seasonal dist. and Squeeze

The donkey dong itself

DrBBQ and the cameraman

DrBBQ taking a break
Smokey in the background

The Dr doing his part for
the show

"SSN686" and his better half Kathy


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