Eggtoberfest 2004


Page 2

After Party page

The Welcoming sign

BGE crew hard at work even
before daybreak

WessB lends a hand with set-up

WessB and SallyB at our lunch gathering

The beer wagon in
the morning sun

A shot of some of
the waiting eggs

More eggs awaiting

And we have ignition

The very busy registration table

John Mullens - JM3

drbbq and others

Cheryl - Mrs. Puj

Mad Max, Ken Stones other
half and Ken himself

Max and Spawn


My first shot of the XL

Second of the "XL"

?????? Sally liked the shirt


Thats some serious smokin


Todd Hindmarsh - Hot Ash


Dan and Mike French - RhumAndJerk

A new rotisserie for the large

Shotgun Fred and his
new remote Guru

Max slicing some bread
for the escargot

????? Vertical roasted chicken

Mia Love slicing tomatoes
for tomatoe pie

Max`s escargot