Eggtoberfest 2004
After Party

Smokey, Mollyshark, Eli

WessB feelin no pain
and others

The Dr. mixin and
the crowd studyin


USA Doug, The Dr, YB

Nature Boy, Mr. Toad

Mia, and others

Bryan Love

WessB, Mrs. Puj, Puj

WessB, Mrs. Puj, Puj

WessB, Mrs. Puj, SallyB

Hot Ash, SallyB, Grillmeister
some happy campers


A little dark, but you
get the idea


I`m good at shooting backs

More happy faces..LOL

Bobby Q, one hell of
an expression..LOL

MollyShark, PapaQ

?????, EliShark, MollyShark

Mr. Toad looking like he is proposing to Alyce all over again..LOL

Jenny Ward protecting
that expensive grill..

YB - Larry Ward

Grillmeister - Ed Krach
happy as ever

The Meister again

Jenny and Larry Ward

Say goodnight Dear