Waldorf Eggfest 2010

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Our Mascot

WessB & SallyB's camp

ShooterGirl Bonnie


ShooterGirl's S.O. Rick

Bacon explosion in progress

EmandM'sDad &
Double Bogey camps

Meat... Joe

Jim W

Dale & Rona arrive

Cindy & Jen


Cindy breakin bad

The GURU gang

Shotgun Fred

Nature Boy setting up

The DeChamp camp

Mint Tulip waving

Jackie D

Hilarious ...If you have to ask you
wouldn't understand

Ms. Dancer Pam & SallyB

HungryMan Al

HungryMan renamed...LOL

Shootergirl &
Mrs Hungryman... Judy

Just chillin

LittleLip & Zippylip

Max & Spawn
Turducken lasagna

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