Eggfest 2005

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The meet and greet gets going

More of the meet and greet

Shotgun Fred and DobieDad

Dale, Stefan, and friend ???

More of the meet and greet

Our hosts Dale and Rona

And a second shot

Naked Whiz, Brutus, Q Babe

WessB and SallyB at Capt. Billy`s

Check in for Eggfest

Brenda, Jodi, Jim from BGE

Nature Boy setting up camp

Larry and Tonia doing some prep

Max starts the hash, green hair and all

Max`s finished hash

Check in stays busy

The XL that many don`t think exists

New eggheads Caleb and Christy

Saucy Sue, Jaymer, SallyB

Jim Nufer leaves the egg store

Q Babes muffins

PG`s sausage rolls

Sausage cake/bread

A second shot

A shot of the crowd


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