2004 Eggfest

Page 4


QBabes masterpiece

Mr. Earl

DrBbq serving up one of his pork loins

A pleased Dr.

Rhona with a real life hat...

The XL prototype

DrBbq showing off the XL and his chicken

Early morning crowd

Our canopy for shade

Cornfed who is now thin enough I called him Cornstalk

A random shot

The Guru guys

Another random shot



Lisa and SallyB

Tonia serving her worms and snakes

Deep in thought..LOL

The band jammed all day

Dale was called to the stage

Dale kickiin it up

2nd verse

Jim W and his fabulous ribs

Jim preparing to serve

The apple crisp

Wailin angus beef and his armadillo eggs, that I missed.

Woo and his Naked Whiz thong.. to funny

And Woo`s second thong in all its glory

Nature Boy, the proud winner of the mini this year

The Char Buddy naming ceremony

The Mr. Earl ceremony..LOL

Mr. Earl shows off one of the prizes