2004 Eggfest

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The new Mr. Earl, not lookin so thrilled

Tonia and Larry hard at work

Chuck workin hard also

Mr. earl and PRobinson


Nature Boys veggies

Chris servin veggies

BluesnBBQ and the band

WessB and John

John and SallyB

An interesting custom made shirt

Rhona and WessB

The Egg store

Good friends...WessB and Rhona

The BBQ Guru table

Maurice workin on ????

The long missed Jobu`s

Jobu`s sausage and peppers

WessB and Page

SallyB`s smoked olives

SallyB`s olives

SallyB proud of her first Egg cook

Page and the new one, Bailey

WessB and Mr. Hyde getting ready to toss

More dough prep for the toss

Early in the toss


Working it

More working

WessB building the pizza

The first pie is on

The veggie pizza

Hand made pasta

The pasta machine

Veggie pizza served

Ham and pineapple pie going on the Egg

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