2004 Eggfest
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Capt. Billys continues

Mollyshark, The Whiz,

Stump in deep explanation

PG, WessB, just getting
breakfast started

WessB working on

More breakfast

Sydney, Maxx, Brenda

Tonia and Larry
getting some garlic roasting

My bud John of BGE,
getting some breakfast

Nature Boy, prepping
the many veggies he cooked

DrBbq rubbing one
of his pork loins

The good Dr. again

Da Mayor lookin
a little tired.

Grillmeisters ABT`s

SallyB gettin a sample

The grillmeisters

Both Stumpbaby`s

Stumps bacon wrapped

Chuck`s stromboli

Stromboli on the Egg

Chuck and the Egg

Shotgun Fred showing off
one of his cooks

Maurice and his bacon
wrapped asparagus

Frank and his flank

Frank again

John from BGE
Lisa from Seasonal

John and Lisa again

Capn Craig`s wife

A homemade pan that
looked very functional

 Neal from Mobile, workin hard

Nature Boy, Mike O

Maxx`s flank steak

 Mike O in full grin

Maxx slicing the flank steak

Whiz and Smokey in a serious conversation

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