Eggfest 2002

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L to R  WessB, Spin, Jimbo, Jobu, Mrs. Jobu, PG

NicckiG, Boccie

BBQfan1, WooDoggies, Kaye Ward, ????, Jim W, Ken W


Kaye Ward, YB ( Larry Ward )Ming, Larry

Page ( PG ) SallyB, Spin

PG, NicciG, Boccie, BigJohn, KarenH

The Bunch at Capt. Billy`s

YB, Kaye, Alice ( Mrs. Toad )

DaaaaMayor ( Dale from Seasonal Dist ) Thanks Dale

Sunset at Capt. Billy`s

Dale Jr. and SallyB

DaaaMayor and his Awesome Vette

Getting things started Sat. AM

Mrs. Toad, Jim Nufer of BGE, DaaMayor, ?????

DaaaMayor, Jim Nufer, Neal, Brenda Miller of BGE

The one and only....Nature Boy

On right Steve Levine BluesnBBQ some awesome tunes

Earl making some of his MANY quail

SallyB, PG, Nature Boy, BBQfan1, Timbo

Ken W. starting the morning off with some ribs

Jim W and his good morning bloody mary

Jobu working his sausages and how`s that for a fancy thermometer

Some dogs and chicken breasts

Brenda, Dale, PG, Mookie, Jim Nufer

Earl and Spin, What a team

YB`s bacon wrapped watermelon rind

Frank and Maurice did a couple pork loins

WessB and his new BGE apron

Boccie and Big John as he cooks his flank steak

Earl cooked quail it seemed like forever

Karen L slicing up the flank steak

WessB throwing the sauces on the salmon

Serving the finished salmon

BluesnBBQ blowin some awesome tunes

Spin, Little Spin, Mookie in the back

DaaaMayor jammin along with BluesnBBQ

Tim M makes his grand entrance

And the beer did flow and flow

Just a moment in time

WessB and SallyB...maybe next year it will be mine

Bdavidson making his Naan

Spin and Little Spin as he puts the finishing touches on her creme brulee (sp)

PG slicin up some awesome pit beef with wife Kim

Nature Boy working his famous squidley`s

The party after the party...all I can say had to be there, man what a good time