Eggfest 2001 

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Jewel from BGE in Atlanta, can`t keep her hand outta the cookie jar. On Rt. Sue from Seasonal

From left,Kim,John,Karen,Sally,Jim Nufer,Tim`s back,NatureBoys head,Jewel,Cat over Sue,??,James from Seasonal, ???

James, Oh no I forgot the beer, Jewel

Jim`s back,Mrs. Spin,Mookie over Cat,Sally,Jobu peaking,Sue

OK..Everybody show us your Arse.....

If I ever get out of time out I can take some real pics

I stand at the door and they all turn around..Jim W. front and center

Kim,John,JJ thinking..I said more bourbon damn it

Back to my normal view

And the games`ll notice Earl and Mr. Toad with their patented new rain cap front and center rated at 275 max

?? Believe it`s Ken W. , Tim

Mookie, JJ quit filmin my secrets, Spin..who iis that masked chicken anyway..

Nature Boy..ala Brisket

Daa Mayor, WessB..DaMayor is an understatement..this man was the greatest host

Shot of the grounds

No smoke yet..but there is beer being sacrificed in there somewhere

Its getting obvious I was always at the back of the line

Mike O, JJ and The Spin Family

Jewels back, Spice Cooks,???

Smokin Todd samplin,RhumAndJerk servin,Jim W...??flossin..LOL

Cornfed left, Smokin Todd..YO..where ya goin wis dat mini skirt BoomBoom, Cat

??,The Chicken, Jennifer from Seasonal

??, The Chicken, Jennifer

Char Buddy in the green

One Thin Dime

One Thin Dime

Nature Boy preparing to serve his Squid

Page preparing to load up Jim Nufer on th right..I think it`s just about cool enough

WessB preparing to load up

WessB, Your coming home with me Baby

Center  Jim Nufer, WessB gotta be up to no good with those grins...

Big John, No you cant have her, she`s mine, Karen, Page

Page, Well Doc..she feels about 6 months...6 months late that is.., Big John, WessB

Page, Big John, WessB

Smokin BoomBoom Todd in the back, ???, Cornfed I sware I`ll cook next year

Tim M, Nature Boy, Cornfed, Spice Cooks

Ken W, I`ll smile before the ribs, you`ll smile after the ribs, Jim W.

Karen, Mik O, Jewel

At home at last

My very first cook, Babybacks..OH Yeah